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Masterbuilder renovations & extensions for the homes of Carterton

Does your home need expanding or extending to make way for new family space? Or are you ready to take that step you’ve been dreaming of, and doing up the rooms you haven’t quite had the chance to make your own?

No matter what style or materials you have in mind, if it involves a hammer Steve is your man! From stylish living-space extensions built with precision planning, to custom renovations and refits for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, decks, fencing, garages, sheds and more, Fineline can tailor their expertise to your requirements for a result that will exceed your expectations and not your budget.

Newly built house
Newly built bathroom by Fineline Construction in Carterton

Residential construction on every scale

The Fineline Construction team has worked on a diverse range of building scales, and no job is too big or too small. Their construction portfolio displays this diversity, including complex detailed renovations and refits in 19th and early 20th century timber and stone properties to sharp modern extensions utilising leading-edge materials, tools and techniques.
Whether you have a modern kitchen space in mind, a traditional exterior decking and pergola, or a timber extension, Steve has built it before (most likely more than once) and can help to guide you through the process. There is often only a fineline between quality and mediocrity, and Fineline Construction has never been mediocre, delivering the highest quality in planning and construction through to that beautiful finish that you’ve constructed in your mind.
Hailing from 3 generations of builders, Steve prides himself on his ability to translate your renovation ideals into a sturdy structural reality. Fineline design, construction and renovation standards bare a quality that transcends trends and fashion, honouring traditional process and material longevity that can be enjoyed generations into the future.
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